Two sisters, the last remaining humans, are on a long and arduous journey to reach the last standing sanctuary, shielded from the tyranny of titans known as the ‘Stalkers’, in order to reverse the destruction of the world caused by their ancestors.

Producer / Director / Story / Animator / Music Composer

Mohammad Ahmed Fikree

Script Editors

Ahmad Al Qemzi • Meera Al Midfa



D.C. Douglas

as Damyr


Guy Cihi

as The Caretaker


Adam Harrington

as "Him"


Meera Al Midfa

as Oyoma / My'ar


Ayesha Mohammed

as Ryakima


Baraa Abdulla

as Ertyan


Amal Al Agroobi

as Queen Samnaya


Mat Brunet

as Tonyk

Sound Designer

Atif Ali

Developer / Publisher

AM AY AF Studio